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For you Bubblin'

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


…the world’s worsening economic outlook and the recent turbulance in the financial markets, according to one person who took notes at the discussions.

This is a job for an Economist.

Not just any economist; it turns out a ufologist/economist is better equipped to handle this labor intensive subject. To put a broader perspective we will enlist Rupert Murdoch, PhD UFO, who specializes in ufo-ology, and btw also is a shade tree economist.

Okay an extra-terrestrial enters earth in hopes of finding:
1) a food source
2) a fuel source
3) a market share of each

–Mr Murdoch, do you think the ET is going to find what he/she/it needs here?

M: Yes, I have proof that our visitor is going to have something to eat first. To do this he/she/it will corral a good source into an area that most fits its non-confrontational rules of economic takeover.

–Like what Rupe?

M: Well, ET will likely herd groups of humans into holding pens and do their freaknobs on them. As in Kansas, contentment will be pervasive. Which is the prime motivation for living beings: Greed and avarice, to insure future food sources.

–Is this from personal experience?

M: Yes I have always said that economics throughout the universe is contingent on a scale. One end of the scale is greed, and the other extreme end is fear. Between those two limits is food and transport. Therefore the ET will become a more frequent visitor, and bring with factors of fear and greed.

–Okay, I think… we turn now to the field of commentators: J has this to post — “Makes me wanna start raising Spanish milk goats some days just so I can fit in…” Do you Rupert Murdoch advocate a similar trading of corn for humans?

M: If you refer to the balancing act supposedly advocated by the Birkenstock and Sock gang, no. There is no balance, rather a mad prophet in the cornfields who subsists on corn tassel whey, and dung beetle larvae. He will tell of the eventual outcome of the axe men who cometh to chop through humanity, starting at Bushton, Kansas, ending near Booger Hollow, Arkansas. Spanish goat milk is as much a profitable commodity as Reddenbacher’s microwaveable fuel oil…

–I think J is referring to getting paid to not raise alfalfa and Spanish Goats..

M: Yes, I get it… anything you can get paid to do , I say Do it!

But back to the metaphor we are stretching out to incredulous null probabilist-elasticity… “See how the waters rise in the North? They will become an overflowing torrent, and will overflow the land and everything in it, including the towns and those living in them.”


M: Jeremiah 47:2… “O remnant on the plain how long will you cut yourselves?”

–Are you daft, Rupert? We aren’t talking about those things…

M: Oh, but we are. It turns out, we must address bullfrogs, and the flooded valleys, and ruined plateaus, you see, because Jeremiah was a bullfrog. And the end time will be a harvest, with ET in charge. And the fear of the human roasters will feed the greed of the ET’s.

–Oh. So this is all about fresh water, is it?

M: Murdoch phone home; beep, beep, n’ re-beep… yeah!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Italian Radio

We recently caught up with some of our old long lost friends. One guy we haven't heard from for a long time, is a musician. He lives at the foot of the Ozarks in Missouri. He has us all thinking about music -- music that is remote and hard to get.

Marinell likes to listen to Italian radio. We have been toying around with Windows Media Player for a decade trying to get a good connection to international radio. But only until lately with a new resell P-4 and a ghz of Rambo, we get some uninterrupted listening. It is always buffering, blah, blah.

I think she should have the chance to listen to Italian Radio as much as others get to listen to their shi(*&(*&t. If you have a solution to the quality continuity situation, here we are.